Daily Life

This is a day in the life with our infant after about two weeks since leaving the hospital, this has been our routine.



06:00 - Wake up, brew coffee using the $29.99 Mr. Coffee® machine from Walmart we bought to have closer to our bedroom on the top floor.

06:10 - Mother-in-law kindly sends up a tray with breakfast, a bagel, egg and cream cheese breakfast sandwich.

06:30 - watch some streaming local news, WCVB Nowcast on my iPad®, if Elliot starts to wake up, we change him and feed him.

07:30 - Day is beginning, we do most of our routine house keeping chores. In our upstairs rooms we have trash to take down, dirty dishes to bring to the kitchen, and generally try to tidy things up. Elliot usually goes back to sleep and sleeps pretty deeply through the morning.

8:00-10:00 - Depending on the day do some specific chore, clean bathrooms, take cars to service appointments, baby to the pediatrician. Decide on a menu for the day and come up with a shopping list of groceries and what have you. Might be a good time to vacuum or try to clean the bathroom.

10:30 - Shower, probably need to feed Elliot again. After this I’ll try to go out and run whatever shopping errands we have for the day.

12:00-13:00 - Make and or eat lunch (most of the time my in-laws have cooked lunch). In-laws will take the baby for a little while to give us a break while we eat.


13:00-14:00 - Alternate between trying to watch the baby and do some sort of admin work like sort through the mail or pay our bills. Since about the second week Elliot has been the most active and cranky around the middle of the day, needs a lot of attention! Depending on how that goes, I can maybe do a little work on my hobbies, such as this blog

14:30 - Elliot is finally asleep again. Now Sammy demands our attention and begs to be taken for her afternoon walk. I will take her around the park while everyone else tries to nap and take a rest. Try to catch up on my left-leaning political themed podcasts like The Majority Report and Chapo Trap House. Sometimes though I can’t take more outrage and induldge in some paranormal podcasts like OpenMinds Radio and Astonishing Legends.

15:30-17:00 - Generally Elliot is sleepy and quiet. I usually spend some time trying to finish up my admin chores, or maybe watch some youtube. I started reading a book I took from Ashland Public Library: Seals and Sea Lions of the World by Nigel Bonner, so far a great technical read. Maybe time for me to take a nap too.

18:00 - Time for dinner, help with Elliot while dinner is being made, typically he starts to cry when I hold him. It’s been hit or miss if we can sit down to eat a meal without being interrupted by him, although it’s been better recently.


18:30-19:30 - Try watch 90’s British TV Sitcom, Father Ted, about a bunch of Irish priests while eating dinner together. I originally wasn’t too interested in this, but my wife’s preference for watching classic British sitcoms has now won me over and I’m enjoying it a lot these days. (I do wonder what the Irish felt about this British-made show, although the creators were Irish themselves). This is pretty much the only thing we’ve watched since coming home with Elliot, no movies or other shows so far.

20:00 - I desperately try to hold things together with Elliot and prevent a tantrum of screaming and crying while my wife takes a chance to take a shower. Attempt to apply the “Five S’s” as described in the The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp M.D.

  • Swaddle
  • Swinging
  • Shushing
  • Side/stomach laying
  • Suck (pacifier or something)

Elliot doesn’t yet seem to take to a pacifier, though sometimes he will use his hand or blanket, this also indicates he might be hungry so it’s kind of a mixed signal. I would say this methodology has only worked maybe 1/3 of the time, generally if he doesn’t stop crying then we try white noise machines or seeing if he needs a change of diaper, or maybe he is hungry again? I wonder if the Five S’s are evidence based science or just woo.

21:00 - Usually I nod off first in bed while my wife feeds Elliot, depending on how that goes I might sleep for a few hours

22:00-23:00 - Swaddle, rock with Elliot until my arms get tired. If I am lucky I might watch some Youtube or listen to a podcast, but sometimes I’m physically incapable of managing that and keeping Elliot from crying at the same time. Many nights I sat in a rocking chair with him staring at the wall clock until I feel I gave it a good enough effort to try to put him back in the bassinet or crib.

00:00 - Sleep hopefully

01:00 - Change Elliot and feed him again, go back to bed if I can

02:00-04:00 - This varies daily, but the first two weeks, it was like Elliot’s peak activity came around this time of night, when we were both dead tired. He would tend to cry a lot, be wide awake poop and pee then get hungry again and nothing else seemed to calm him down for hours. Although it feels that in the last few days we may have just turned a corner and he has been relatively calm through this period, let’s hope it lasts! When the chance arrives I watch Warcraft 3 channels on Youtube, particularly English streamer Wtii and Russian streamer FunnyWarcraft3, although sometimes will mix in Grubby. Oh for the days when I can play games myself instead of just watching it!

04:00-06:00 - hopefully at this point we’ve given him his last feeding and he finally decides to settle down and sleep like a normal human. We pretty much pass out ourselves in our beds and wake up in an hour or so to start it all over again!

The End