Elliot’s First Holidays

Trick or Vogue?

First Halloween

Elliot became 100 days old on Halloween, coincidentally, 100 days old is an important milestone for babies in the Korean tradition (백일), and would be an occasion for taking pictures of the baby, we made an appointment with a local photographer who specializes in baby pictures. He had a fun time that morning playing in different costumes. And The pictures came out great a few weeks later. As far as the Trick or Treating part of the night, while a family friend had given us a nice pumpkin pajama suit that could have been a costume, Elliot was out asleep by 6pm or so, we figured to stay at home and just hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. As part of the plan I made up a little sign (below) and taped it over our doorbell, the idea was just to avoid waking Elliot with all the doorbell rings. It was successful and we got a few conversations with some parents from up the street out of it.

Doorbell Sign

First Thanksgiving

The family friends who had gifted us the pumpkin suit very kindly invited us over for Thanksgiving this year which was a pleasant surprise. This was four month old Elliot’s biggest adventure outside of the house to date. It involved a 45 minute car ride and then a multi-hour social gathering a new family in an unfamiliar house. Despite our anxiety everything worked out great, it was a nice dinner and Elliot did pretty well most of the time until well past his usual nap time, so we called it a day. It was good for us too as that family I hadn’t seen much of in at least 10 years, and mostly through my own parents. It was a pleasure to meet them as new parents and suddenly have something of an icebreaker in common (their own son is now in his 20s)

Deck The Halls

First Christmas

After the successful achievement of the first Thanksgiving we were totally in the holiday mood. This was during the last few weeks of my paternity leave and we wasted no time buying our first “real” Christmas tree with visions of Clark Griswold flashing in my head. We spent many hours in crafts stores looking for Christmas tree lights and an entire set of new ornaments. I was trying to go for an actual theme too: Winter Wood-Elven Solstice-Saturnalia-Christmas holiday tree. I was probably somewhat Inspired by the Danish performance artist/rock group Heilung. In the end we had a bunch of white and silver things with some rustic looking tree ornaments, even though it wasn’t quite the altar of pagan worship I had in my mind. Elliot didn’t take a whole lot of interest in the whole operation. Christmas morning was an exciting time, Elliot had a whole pile of presents from our families and it was pretty much more than he could take. We had some many nice toys and things he couldn’t take it all in. For our Christmas dinner we grilled some steaks and lobsters outside on the grill.

Merry Christmast Elliot

First Happy New Years: 2019

We’re not much for New Years, we tend to stay at home anyway. Mostly the various holidays and the way they fell on the calendar meant we couldnt bring Elliot to day care for very very long weekends. Because had just Elliot had started going to full time day care when I went back to work and he was just getting used to their routine. Of New Years eve itself I think we watched some of the early Times Square tv special, but after a few bands we never heard of, we pretty much called it an early night.